Many tools are used while building the Horror Dollhouse. Two of the most used are a Dremel & a hot glue gun.

But, that's not to say the many other tools lack any importance either. Depending on phase of construction, tools will change.

For example, during the actual building phase, clamps, a good right angle square and the previously mentioned glue gun could be the primary tools.

While during the finishing phase, sandpaper, paint & brushes might be in order.

The point being, take the time beforehand to explore every aspect and/or phase, plan and obtain accordingly. It will benefit.

Below is a short collection of tools being used for the Horror Dollhouse build.

A good selection of brushes
Various size clamps
A level
A square
A coping saw
Assorted files
Caliper and compass
Glue & Tape

The Horror Dollhouse will be electric (read more here), have handmade implements & accessories (read more here), and various handmade furniture. Therefore, an electrical meter, oven baked clay & carving tools, and a scoll saw are included in the Horror Dollhouse tool kit.

A good selection of brushes
Clay & carving Tools
A scroll saw
An electrical meter
Handsfree magnifyer glasses
A soldering pencil
A cutting mat
Assorted sandpaper grades

Making the Horror Dollhouse electrical

Lighting is a crucial effect that needs to be considered.

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