Today, November 24th, 2015, the Horror Dollhouse build officially started. It began with the the first floor and underside framing, progressed to the first floor stairwell and saw the 2nd and 3rd floors sealed with polyurethane. Too bad it takes so long to dry.

For those unfamiliar, the version is a Greenleaf Beacon Hill and somewhat resembles the Psycho house. Rather fitting I might add, considering what I have in mind for each room. But, we'll get to that a little later in the build.


After squaring up the first floor base, it was set aside to dry. Usually, building any type of model doesn't allow jumping ahead in the plans, but fortunately, the 1st floor stairwell offered just that.

Using a hot glue gun offered quick building and the stairwell came alive.

Both treads and runs went on well. However, there were visable seams.

But, nothing a little wood putty & sandpaper can't fix. Afterward, it will be stained with Sedona Red 22 from Minwax.

Also, both the first second & third floors were given a sealing coat of Polyurethane. NOW...we have to let things dry.


What we're building.