want to build a dollhouse...

Well, before those delusions of grandeur have you aligning a table perfectly centered under the hallway light that will become the dollhouse's permanent home, consider this...detail is everything and if you have this odd notion that the project will be complete by the end of the weekend, you'd probably ought to think again. While it can be both an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, it is not something to take on lightly. Otherwise you are in for a great letdown. If you've never built one and just happen to find yourself gloating over the wonderful two-story Victorian kit that's on sale at your neighborhood hobby store, here's my best suggestion...walk away and go home. But, keep the idea in mind. Now, this is in no way, shape or form a matter of discouragement. As a matter of fact, I greatly encourage your build. However, you'll want that project to be just as perfect as you've pictured in your mind and in order to do so, contemplation is required.

There will be paint and glue and sawdust. There will be meticulous trimming and deciding which wallpaper to use in the bedrooms. There will be searches for just that right piece of furniture that fits beside the fireplace, or maybe you'll chose to build your own (which is a whole new ball of wax). You will start to scour every Dollhouse magazine you can get your hands on for ideas and will reinvigorate that local library card hoping the shelves will have books containing patterns and plans. You will learn the first name basis of the clerk at not only the hobby store, but at the hardware store too. Visits to the online auction blocks will become more and more frequent and finding the trinket you been seeking to go alongside the lamp in the living room at Goodwill will brighten your heart...until you realize that the scale is wrong. Oh yeah! Scale matters. After all, you want everything to be in proper proportions.

See what I mean? My guess is you haven't pondered even half of this.

But wait, there's more! Planning on building it on the dining room table? The kitchen counter? That folded up square table that has been sitting in the back of the closet behind the clothing rack for the last five years? All may be good places to build and the choice is yours, provided you are willing to completely give the space up forever. Maybe a better idea would be to create an area in the corner of the garage or on the desk in the spare room that's become nothing more than a magnet for clutter. Yep! Space is numero uno, so where ever you decide to build, make sure you have room to're gonna need it.

And then there's the tools..(Visit the Tool Page for more on this)

Yes, building a dollhouse can be a wonderful relaxing hobby which virtually anyone can do provided proper consideration is contemplated first. It is a hobby that can easily grow into years of enjoyment and be the reasoning for that part-time job... because that beautiful Queen Ann end table that you simply must have because it will fit so nicely alongside the four post ebony bed in the master bedroom doesn't come cheap.

But, by that time you get to that point you'll already be aware.

So? What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get back to that store before that Victorian sale ends!