While your standard tape measure may work well for typical construction, when it comes to scale work, precision is an absolute.

Standard dollhouses come in various scales: 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24 & 1:48. The Horror Dollhouse is the standard 1:12 scale, which means that 1 inch= 1 foot. The overall dimensions (in inches) of the house is 32W x 17D x 40H.

Most tape measures only reflect 1/16th of an inch and therefore, a special tape measure that offers more will need to be purchased. Scale is everything and Horror Dollhouse uses one that offers 1/32ths and 1/64ths, as well as decimial equivalents. These can be found at most hobby and craft stores.

Count the lines within 1 inch marks. If there are 16, it is a 1/16th tape, 32 is a 1/32th etc...

1/64 inch
1/32 inch
1/8 inch
1/4 inch
3/8 inch
1/2 inch
5/8 inch
3/4 inch
7/8 inch