The interior of the Horror Dollhouse is absolutely cruicial and if I have to choose one favorite aspect of the build, it will be this. For quite some time, having this overall idea for years, I have collected and stored choice pieces. Some of the rooms are set with regards to wallcoverings and such, and some aren't. Regardless, when the time comes, here is where you will find every meticulous detail.

As a matter of fact, I have various patterns, including a real working grandfather clock, that I intend to build (a scroll saw is the best thing next to sliced bread) and fortunately, my wife Paula was more than understanding when I went out and bought one. With her passion surrounding a salt water aquarium teaming with life, I feel truly blessed she also appreciates my horror fixation. None the less, some furniture will be purchased and some will be created.

Although my modeling experience only surrounds Play Dough, I feel more than capable of sculpting and so, loaded with Sculpey oven-bake clay and a good set of carving tools, this might prove worthwhilie.

And lighting will be a welcomed chore too.

Nonetheless, all these aspects will be documented here as they are created, designed or built.


Visit the Library (here's mine)

You may be pleasingly surprised at the bevy of dollhouse books offering plans and patterns. It's where I found the Grandfather Clock plans.