Electric will make any dollhouse stand out. But, before you start, there are a few things to know. Note: Only the basics are explored here. For considerably more information click here.

Step 1 - Plan your layout first. Dry run. Determine where your junction splice will be mounted and build from there. Usually this is on the side to not take away from either the front or rear decor.

Step 2 - Determine tape wire run(s). These can be anywhere, but be aware that intent to hide will come into future play. The most common location is under the house, leaving extra on each side to tap into.

Step 3 - Draw a schematic showing wiring runs, junctions and fixtures. Not only will this be invaluable later, it will also serve as a permanent record.

Step 4 - Determine fixture locations (be aware that holes will be drilled and grooves will be cut to hide wires later on). Also, while designing this step, be aware of required wire length.

Note: It is very important to install tape runs prior to wallcoverings, floor coverings and paints.

Visit Christine Errico's Greenleaf Gazette dollhouse wiring tutorial. It is far more substantial and informative than what is listed here

A basic dollhouse electrical schematic


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