Hello Folks:

My name is Thomas Scopel and on occasion I write horror tales, reviews, webcast and such under pseudonyms Wee Willie Wicked (a sinful & demented clown), Festor Bones (a skeleton that rattles the cemetery), Lorelei Alecto (a witch returned from the stake), Scrow (a scarecrow waiting patiently in the cornfield), Jol (a jack-o-lantern trolling the afterworld), Jack (Willie's brother, a Jestor who finds it funny to frighten) and as myself. For those inclined to delve further into the shadows, we can all be found at Staying Scared.

For years I've had this notion of building a dollhouse. However, this dollhouse does not feature wonderful dainty lace, quaint exquisite furniture and pretty timeless designs, no no no, this is a dollhouse saturated with trepidation, where each room is fearful, terrifying and gruesome. Throughout the years, consideration and deliberation of each room ran rampant in the dark recesses of my mind and I'm finally to the point of commencement. Sure, I could easily tell you what it entails, but both the writer and designer inside would prefer to show instead and therefore, in a sense, we will be building together.

As far as the Horror Dollhouse website goes, obviously progression will occur as the project moves forward and so, be sure to watch the home page for updates. Menus and such might offer hints, but until the project reaches that point, the content of the page will be unavailable. Plenty of spooky surprises await and as Jigsaw says...there will be blood. Thus, once the build begins, check back often and watch the site grow.

Horror having always been my cup of blood beginning with Pittsburgh's channel 11 Chiller Theater and Chilly Billy, this project is not for the timid; certainly not a child's play thing (unless the child's dolls include the likes of Chucky and the clown from Poltergeist). Basically, this is simply another direction within the shadows that is finally coming to fruition and beginning from scratch with a purchased kit that suits well, Horror Dollhouse is a testament to the endeavor.

Enjoy the fear ghouls & stay scared,